Dementia is not just about memory but has a sensory dimension too which can mean changes in vision, making it difficult when navigating surfaces like roads and pavements, going up and down stairs or coping with noise.



Imagine a community where people with dementia feel confident, understood and supported to live well. At Lewes Chamber of Commerce we are actively working with LDDAA to realise its vision to make the whole of the Lewes District ‘dementia friendly’.

 In the Lewes District over 990 people are presently living with dementia. By 2035 these estimates will increase by 90%.

As a shop or business that welcomes visitors here’s just a few things you can do to become dementia-friendly:

Signage  Signs should be clear and concise. They should be at eye level and fixed to the doors they refer too. Signage can help people with navigation and are critical for toilets and exits. Glass doors should always be visibly marked to avoid accidents.

Orientation  Landmarks such as plants or pictures can be used by people with dementia to help with navigation.

Lighting  Entrances should be well lit and easy to access, using natural light as much as possible. Overly bright lights and shadows should be prevented where possible. Brighter primary colours can help to light up dark areas.

Seating  In large premises, a seating area can be very beneficial to avoid fatigue. Seating should resemble traditional seats such as a wooden bench or chair.

Flooring / Stairs  Highly reflective and slippery floor surfaces should be avoided. Stairs should be a contrasting colour to the floor in order to show the obstacle clearly. Mats/rugs may pose an obstacle.

Staffing  Encourage staff to be tolerant with people who forget their pin number when paying and to have a policy on how to overcome this issue with the least amount of distress. 


Becoming a Dementia Friend

A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns about dementia so they can help their community. By attending a Dementia Friends Information Session you can help raise awareness and understanding, so that people living with dementia can continue to live in the way they want.

Training is free of charge and available locally. If you want to become involved with, or find out more about the LDDAA simply call 07946 228616 or email Esther Watts.

Download a leaflet for more information.


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