In the last few months we have had many people ask us when the Chamber is going to have in-person networking again.

The answer is really soon!

We are now speaking with local venues about hosting our lunches and breakfasts, and we will bring you more news in the near future – but we are planning for the first lunch to be towards the end of May, or very early June.

Keep watching your emails for further news in the next week.

What does this mean for Chamber Tuesday?
Our online Chamber Tuesday was set up so that people could continue to network in safety during the pandemic, but this year people showed their desire to get back to face-to-face, with fewer booking for Chamber Tuesday. 

Therefore, the event has been put on hold for now. 

But, if there is a strong enough call for it to return, then we will consider it. 

Non-member special offer:

Any business that joins Lewes Chamber of Commerce as a result of attending a meeting, will get a 10% discount off the joining subscription.


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