We want shoppers to consider using local shops where they can. The traditional ‘corner shop’ can be a valuable resource for many of the essentials that disappear off supermarket shelves almost as soon as they are restocked.

Shopping local also helps the economy within the town, rather than most of the money going into the coffers of big national and international companies. So, rather than finding disappointment at the supermarket, why not shop around, you may be surprised to find what you can get in Lewes.

With the current panic-buying climate, local charities are also starting to suffer, with not being able to get essentials. Some charities look after people who may have specific dietary requirements, and when there are few basic food stuffs on the shelves, the charities really struggle. They are also suffering because fundraising events are having to be cancelled, therefore, losing much needed income.

Lewes Chamber of Commerce would urge people to be considerate and remember there maybe others who are in desperate need of the food stuffs currently being stock-piled.

If shops and business are forced to close to the public most, if not all, have an online shop as well so you can still keep it local. And we encourage everyone to be vigilant and keep safe in the testing months ahead.



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