The Prime Minister has said, as of today (Wednesday 13th May), those who cannot work from home should return to work. However, there has been a lot of concern around this and complaints of lack of clarity.

As a Chamber of Commerce, of course we would like to see businesses in Lewes operating, but only as long as they ensure the SAFETY OF EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH THE BUSINESS. If an employer cannot be certain their staff, and others, will be safe, they should be allowed to remain at home, where at all possible.

SAFETY IS STILL THE KEY WORD. It is folly to open businesses only to then have staff infected by the Coronavirus and taking time off through illness or self-isolating.

Nothing is yet certain, and there are a lot of variables and unknowns still to come. We have had the announcement that the Furlough Job Retention Scheme has been extended until the end of October, and news that the economy contracted by two percent in the three months to March.

However, now is the time for us to WORK TOGETHER and do what we can, so we will be able to move forward and get ourselves back on our feet, ready for when restrictions are eased further allowing us to operate normally.

This is a situation in which the whole of the Lewes business community has been affected, and by doing what we can for our colleagues, associates, suppliers, customers, and other businesses, we will be helping ourselves as well as Lewes as a whole.

Lewes Chamber of Commerce continues to be here for our members and all businesses – whether large or small. From the person working from their kitchen table, to shops and offices, up to multi-national companies, if you are a business in Lewes, or the surrounding areas, we will help you in any way we can.

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