Our Members have told us the current parking charges are already detrimental to the footfall levels in the Town and Lewes Chamber of Commerce is very concerned that these proposed increases will mean it only gets worse.

Parking charges impact on how long visitors remain in Lewes (or even visit) and, consequently, how much they spend whilst here. Businesses are already struggling with the high rents and rates in the Town and, by being integral in reducing the footfall, perhaps ESCC should be looking at ways to support and promote the local business community in a more positive manner.

We understand the environmental impact of traffic pollution, and what the Council is trying to achieve with this proposal, but there needs to be a much improved public transport network as a viable alternative, otherwise this could cripple our Town.

There is a petition against the proposed 100% increase, organised by Cllr J Baah & Cllr S Catlin (Lewes Town Council), and we would urge everyone to sign it.

Several Shops and Businesses in the Town have a copy, but if you can’t get out to sign one, or would like a copy for yourself you can download one here.

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