Depot Cinema, Kitchen & Bar and Priory School, Lewes, are keen to encourage more local businesses to engage with schools and to find creative ways of supporting the young people in our community with their career choices and paths.

It doesn’t have to be time consuming and even the smallest businesses can contribute. Sharing career journeys, providing work experience, giving behind the scenes tours or speaking at assemblies are all great ways of promoting your business, your industry and inspiring our local students.

The Depot would be delighted for you to join them for a FREE networking breakfast, hosted by Depot in partnership with Priory School in Lewes:

‘Employer Encounters’

Tuesday 21st January 2020
08:30 – 10:00
Depot, Pinwell Road, Lewes

If you would like more information, or to take part in this, then please RSVP by 14th January, to:

Petra Rinne Lovelock, Human Resources Manager, Depot Cinema, Tel: 01273 525337 or Email

(When contacting Petra, it would be great if you could mention you saw the Lewes Chamber post on Facebook.)

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