The Bevern Trust

The Bevern Trust is a charity that works to support young adults with profound learning disabilities, to research and develop new areas of support and campaign for a greater awareness of disability and its impact.

We ensure that people with disabilities can live truly active and fulfilling lives, in an environment where they can feel safe, are loved and are offered compassionate care.

The Bevern Trust are passionate about releasing people from the expectations others have about disability. We offer love, care, freedom and opportunity allowing profoundly disabled people to get more from life.

Compassionate care is at the centre of The Bevern Trust, at our care home at Bevern View and our plans for Domiciliary Care – Bevern Care. Everything we do is based on each person’s strengths and gifts, whilst involving the most important people in their lives. As a charity we aspire to a time when every parent with a disabled child has services in place that offer love and support.


Volunteering opportunities for local business and the subsequent related promotion throughout the Charity social media and website.