Olive Branch Bookkeeping Ltd

    • Address:
    • Studio 3a, Star Brewery
    • Castle Ditch Lane
    • East Sussex
    • BN7 1YJ
    • Lewes
    • United Kingdom

Olive Branch Bookkeeping Ltd provides remote bookkeeping services to individuals and small businesses, meaning there's more flexibility to support you when you need it the most.

Based in Lewes and founded by Sarah Kitchener AATQB, a qualified and licensed Bookkeeper, our aim is to help you get back the freedom you need to concentrate on your business and regain your work/life balance.

It could be one big task or lots of small tasks that are making you feel overwhelmed. If it gives you the freedom to focus on other things, then it's worth reaching out to me. Whatever you need help with, allow me to support you and all your bookkeeping needs.