ProAudium Ltd

    • Address:
    • Unit 5, 112 Malling Street
    • Lewes
    • East Sussex
    • BN7 2RG
    • United Kingdom

ProAudium provides Public Address/Voice Alarm and EVCS services to the trade, using knowledge and contacts gained from many years in the industry.

Despite the growing demand for PAVA systems, fire and security contractors have limited access to training and support. Most training is by manufacturers, which is understandably biased, devoid of contracting knowledge and thin on real world frontline issues.

Manufacturer training is not cheap either, so for most contractors the question is, can the growth in PAVA business justify the cost of sound and PAVA training

For contractors doing a small number of sound projects the answer is “no.” Even for contractors doing more regular PAVA if the project is complex, skilful extra support can make the difference between a loss and profit. There’s also the issue of those trained staff wanting a pay rise or who simply up and leave.

ProAudium fills that space where contractors are looking to win more sound and PAVA work but don’t want to spend out on all the training, staff and kit. As their PAVA business develops so we change from doing the work to training their staff.