Jamie's Farm

Jamie’s Farm acts as a catalyst for change, enabling disadvantaged young people to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

We do this through a unique residential experience and rigorous follow-up programme, combining farming, family and therapy.

Jamie’s Farm uniquely combines farming, family and therapy into a 5-day residential with a focus on giving children time and space to reflect, to renew and determine a new path for themselves. We do this by creating an environment where they feel respected, and are given opportunities to display their talents and show responsibility.

The farm environment is homely and cosy, steering away from the institutional set up of school and instead encourages togetherness and an escape from the challenges of normal life. On day one, all mobile phones and electronics are handed in, to ensure there is real distance from pressures at home. In small groups of 10-12, children live and work on site, supported by our experienced staff who focus activities on positive and tangible outcomes.

A visit to Jamie’s Farm does not end when young people leave. Alongside our core components of farming, family and therapy is our Legacy strand. Through this, we support schools and students when they return, to embed the changes and achieve a greater long-term impact.

Our vision
Every year, 2,000 disadvantaged children are better equipped to thrive in education and see their futures more positively.



Members are welcome to contact Natalia Borg and Lauren Lloyd at Jamie’s Farm on a case by case basis.