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Dementia Friendly Lewes

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Do you know what dementia is?  Has a member of your family been affected by dementia?  Are you worried that your memory might be affected in the future?  We all know knowledge is power: you need to know more about dementia.  

You can become a Dementia Friend to help answer some of these questions: come to a session to learn a bit more about dementia and how it affects people.

Dementia Friends is a fun, interactive session where you will learn more about dementia and how you can help to make society more dementia friendly. It is a social action movement: Dementia Friends empowers people to make a difference. 


Wear your badge with pride

For a full 45-minute face-to-face Dementia Friends session go to and click ‘Get Involved’ to look up one near you.

The next free dementia awareness sessions at Lewes Town Hall will be at 12:30pm on 24th March and 12th May. 

Councillor Esther Watts said: “We want Lewes and district to be a dementia friendly community, empowering people with dementia to live well and continue with both day-to-day and leisure activities, going shopping, catching a bus, to going out to watch a play, a film or a football match”.

Lewes and District Dementia Action Alliance exists to help make the area a good place to live for people with dementia. You can join by making pledges to raise awareness, make the environment more dementia friendly and to improve the service you provide to this group of people. To find out about call Cllr Watts on 07860 783309.

For further information on dementia go to or if you have a question call Alzheimer’s Society’s national helpline on: 0300 222 11 22

The Helpline is open 9am-8pm Monday to Wednesday, 9am-5pm Thursday and Friday and 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday.


Dementia Facts

  • 225,000 will develop dementia this year, that’s one every three minutes
  • Alzheimer’s Society research shows that 850,000 people in the UK have a form of dementia.  
  • Dementia costs the UK economy over £26 Billion per year. This is the equivalent of more than £30,000 per person with dementia.


Did you know?

Two thirds of people with dementia live at home in the community.